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Ultrapure Water Rouge

Rouge is a common phenomenon found in pharmaceutical hot water and steam systems. The use of SS316L in the pharmaceutical industry waters at or above 65° C has enhanced the proliferation of rouge contaminated systems. The primary constituents of rouge are various iron oxides and hydroxides. However, rouge may also contain chromium, nickel, and molybdenum oxides. While the discoloration of SS 316L piping, accessories, and vessels due to rouge deposition is not a problem in itself, any contamination of the product from the rouge is.

Numerous strategies have been implemented to derouge and passivate a pharmaceutical water system. Although, many QC/QA personnel find the rouge unsightly, there is little understanding of the rouging process, its migration in the water system, why and how certain areas are affected by rouge deposition and others are not, or the impact upon the final product. Current methodologies for determining the frequency of derouging and passivation are non-scientific assessments based on subjective determinations of the QC/QA personnel in the absence of an objective measurement technique. Decisions are made having economic impact without objective data.

Pharmaceutical water systems are 24/7 continuous operations. The introduction of an online rouge monitor with real-time measurements of rouge rate and resultant rouge accumulation can be an invaluable tool to the operation and maintenance of a hot pharmaceutical water system, providing a scientific validation and real-time assessment of derouging and passivation frequencies. Read more...

Latest News

Just released in this month's issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering: Online Rouge Monitoring: A Science-Based Technology to Measure Rouge Rates, by Nissan Cohen and Allan Perkins.

This article presents the implementation and installation of an online rouge monitor which measures in near real-time the rouge rate and rouge accumulation (metal loss) over time helping determine derouging and passivation frequency based on empirical data. Read More...